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Who Am I?
I am proud to be continuing the tradition of 4  Generations of British Seamstresses.  I was born in  Yorkshire, England and have been sewing and designing since I was a little girl. I moved to Georgia in the 1980's after living in Italy for a couple of years where my interest in detail and craftsmanship was enhanced.  I have been operating my own business since 1990's as well as contracting my services for a number of bridal stores.
I was so lucky to be born into a family of naturally talented "Creative & Strong" females! Nothing was too tough to tackle!
My Mother opened a Costume Store first then a Bridal Store in Yorkshire, England called "Something Special" in the late 70's - 90's.  She is retired  living in a small country village  and concentrates on her Porcelain Doll Business.
 But being from a creative family whose talents ranged from:
Dressmaking for Theater & Dance, Fancy Dress Costumes. Bridal & Formal Wear.
Period Doll Costumes, Needlework & Embroidery. 
Water Color and Oil Painting to Home Decorating and Remodeling Projects. It just seemed so natural to go into the bridal business and work on so many beautiful gowns. 

I remember it was  so much fun to create and play dress-up, Bride after Bride and families became friends!
I made my first outfit at 10 years old  have over 30 years of sewing experience and I am not afraid to "Tackle" anything either!
Family Seamstresses - 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Generation
"Something Special Bridal" in UK 1980's
Great Great Grandma & Great Grandma
1st & 2nd Generations
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